J. Gamble Floor Sanding Co. has been providing quality flooring services in the Fairfield County, Westchester and the entire Tri-State area for the past 40 years. Our team is very knowledgeable about their craft and average about 50 years of experience. We specialize in the restoration of hardwood flooring and our motto is "It's no gamble with J. Gamble." The flooring services that we provide are repair, sand and refinish and installation of hardwood floors with a natural color or stain. Hardwood flooring comes in various widths and types such as red or white oak, pine, bamboo, etc. Some of the manufactures we provide are Bruce, Mullican, Kentucky and others. Some things that separate J.Gamble Floor Sanding Co. from our competitors are our professionalism, quality of work, and customer service. We only use top grade materials so that the final product is absolute. Our work is always done professionally and in a timely manner. We receive numerous calls from clients who state that our workers are very accommodating and expert. During business hours, Monday -Friday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., you are guaranteed to talk with a live and knowledgeable person, never an answering service, which our clients appreciate. Our company's main strengths are again the knowledge of our people and their skills as workmen. This and the attention to detail are what combine to give us that world class service that makes me proud to put my name on this business.

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    Specializing In: Residential and Commercial Sanding, Staining, Patching & Installation

    Installation of Wood Flooring • Oak Strip • Maple • Pine • Parquet Tiles • Gym Floors • Repair/Patch Wood Floors
    Sanding • Refinishing • Staining



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About Our Company

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I came from South Carolina in 1961 and learned my craft working in all aspects of the flooring business from answering the phone to sales and then eventually I began my own company in 1970. My wife Delores and I worked this business together and raised our family doing it. All along I made my reputation by priding myself on being the best. I feel to be the best you must have a very extensive knowledge of your product and craft, but you can't stop there. You have to then apply that with attention to detail on every job. Your reputation is earned with each and every job you perform because if you are not good then your customers won't call you back or refer you to anyone else. Anyone can buy the equipment and start out in this or any business, but only the best survive this long and the fact that I have is a recommendation in itself. Please feel free to contact me and let me demonstrate to you why I feel J. Gamble Sanding and Floor Co. deserves to have your business?

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Contact Information

Contact Us

Junious Gamble - Owner
Norwalk, CT, 06850
Office: 203.866.9815 Cell: 203.856.0151

Mon – Fri 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Saturdays by appointment

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